St. Patrick’s Day Gift + Free Printable

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The recipient of this delicious little St. Patrick’s Day gift is bound to feel super lucky!

Time to spread some Irish cheer and we have just the ways to do it! Whether you play Roll a Leprechaun with your family, indulge in a traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage cuisine, or follow the Leprechaun Footprints to a pot of gold, with a little “Luck”, you’re St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are about to become a whole lot sweeter!

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Gift

Do you guys give out little gifts for St. Patrick’s Day? I usually make the day special for our kids by serving green pancakes for breakfast and then leaving them a little treat on their beds to find when they get home from school. It’s never expensive, and it doesn’t take much time at all, but my kids absolutely love it, and I love seeing their reactions.

Last week I made some printable St. Patrick’s Day Gift tags to go with some goodies that I planned to give the ladies at church. These simple little gifts are a great idea for your kid’s teachers, your neighbors, friends… pretty much anyone you’d like to give a simple St. Patrick’s Day Gift to! Here is what I did –

First, I made some delicious Kit Kat popcorn. If you’ve never made this stuff before, you are in for a special treat! Not only is it so easy, it tastes fantastic!!! (What’s not to love about the salty/sweet combination of popcorn and chocolate?!)

To make my popcorn a little more festive, I added some green candies to the mix. You could use M&Ms or Chicklets – both are great options!

St. Patrick's day gift tag on the counter next to some candied popcorn

Lastly, I grabbed some cute striped gift bags and I filled them up with the Kit Kat Popcorn. Once full, I attached the printable gift tag and called it good! It literally took 10 minutes to make this darling little St. Patrick’s Day gift, and my friends absolutely loved it!

St. Patrick's day gift bag filled with candied popcorn

How cute and festive is that?!?

Printable Gift Tag

If you want to use our free gift tag to make your own St. Patrick’s Day gifts, just enter your name and email in the form below.

A St. Patrick’s Day Gift that is simple, cute and thoughtful!

A St. Patrick's day gift of kit kat popcorn in a green bag and a gift tag

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