The Giving Tree – A Season of Service

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Looking for a way to focus more on service this holiday season? The Giving Tree is the perfect project! 

a small christmas tree with acts of service written on tags "The Giving Tree"

I sometimes look back at the start of the new year and think, “I can’t believe the holidays are over already!”

So, in an effort to preserve this time just a bit and focus less on the commercialized aspects of the holidays, I came up with a fun idea to encourage a season of service with my family- I call it “The Giving Tree”.

Here is a short video we made all about it!

This is our family’s “Giving Tree”. When we do a small act of kindness or a service for someone, we write it down and hang it on our tree.

This is a fun way for us to record and promote the good we do for each other, in our family and in our community.

Here’s how to make it –

supplies for a giving tree laid out on the counter

How to Make a Giving Tree


  • tree (I found this at Walmart for $5)
  • items to write acts of service on: small ornaments, office tags, paper garland, etc.
  • pen or markers
  • bucket or pot to put the tree in
  • any other decorations you’d like to personalize your tree
A small christmas tree in a metal tin with gold ornaments


  1. Place your tree in a sturdy pot or bucket.
  2. Place the items you plan on writing your acts of service on inside a bowl or other object nearby.
  3. Once a good deed has been done, write it down, and hang it on the tree!
a tag hanging on a tree with a service idea written on the tag

My kids love filling our tree up! And it’s such a great way to focus on more important things than what we’re getting under the tree on Christmas morning.

a gold ornament with a kind act written in black marker


  • Use a dry erase marker to write down your acts of service so you can reuse the ornaments next year! The shinier the better – these ones have a matte finish to them, so I had to use a magic eraser to take it off, but the paint stayed on!
  • Buy a pack of Avery tags so you don’t have to do any extra punching or cutting! Have the kids decorate them if you’d like!
a white tag with "take out the trash" written on it with black pen

If you make a Giving Tree like this one, share it with us! We’d love to see what you guys come up with. 🙂

Happy Holidays!!

Giving Tree with white tags and gold bulbs

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