No-Sew Drawstring Bag

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Learn how to make a drawstring bag in just a few minutes with this easy no-sew tutorial.

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finished no-sew fabric bag

DIY Drawstring Bag

Even young creators can easily follow this tutorial and make a drawstring bag! Make them in whatever size you need in under an hour!

It’s a fun way to hold trinkets and toys, and it’s a fun way to wrap gifts, too! Here’s how to make them –

supplies needed to make a tote bag

How to Make a Drawstring Bag


  • fabric
  • pattern – you will need 2 circles that are about an inch different in size. For small drawstring bags, you can use a dinner plate and cereal bowl, but for larger bags, you can make your own circle template depending on how big you need it
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • string or ribbon
  • wood beads, optional
tracing a plate onto fabric


Start by tracing the larger circle pattern onto the backside of your fabric with your pencil. Cut it out.

tracing a bowl onto fabric

Trace the smaller circle in the center of your fabric circle.

marking a piece of fabric with a pencil

Mark the inner circle with hash marks every couple of inches so you know where you will cut out the holes for your bag.

cutting slits into a round piece of fabric

Cut slits along the lines you drew.

polka dot fabric cut into a circle with twine to the side of it

Weave your string through the slits.

adding string to fabric to make a bag

Once you get to the end your strings should be coming out of the fabric slits side by side. Trim the ends so they are the same length.

gold bug toys inside a no-sew tote

You can add some wood beads for decor, then fill up your drawstring bag with the trinkets of your choice!

a finished tote on a white counter

Such an easy project, right?

collage of images showing a finished drawstring tote

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  1. I love this! What a wonderful gift bag this would make for any gift! Have a great weekend!
    Take care

  2. What a wonderful idea! I am always trying to find something cute to make with leftover fabric. Thank you for sharing!