Funny Christmas Ornament – Tampon Angel

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A funny Christmas ornament can bring a smile to your face, and this Tampon Angel will definitely spur some laughs among your Christmas guests.

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christmas ornament made from a tampon

Yes, you read that right! An angel ornament made from none other than a tampon! It’s a Christmas tree decoration unlike any other!

I can’t say I’d put these on my own tree, but the idea could be hysterical at an Ugly Ornament Party, don’t you think? (Let’s hope Santa has a sense of humor.)

Here’s how to make a Tampon Angel Ornament –

Funny Christmas Ornament

items to make a funny chirstmas ornament


  • tampons
  • round wood beads
  • flat white wood beads
  • scissors
  • ribbon
how to make an angel ornament from a tampon


  1. Unpackage the tampon while ignoring the weird looks your family gives you. Then gently pull and seperate the cotton part so it resembles a flowy dress.
adding a ribbon to an expanded tampon

2. Tie a bow around the top part of your “dress” (not around the string), and then trim your ribbon.

adding a wood bead to a tampon string

3. Thread the round bead first, and then the flat bead onto the string.

adding a "halo" to an angel tampon christmas ornament

4. Tie a loop onto the top and get ready to hang your ornament!

3 finished angel tampon ornaments

Such a clever and funny ornament, don’t you think?!

close up of hand holding a handmade christmas ornament made from a tampon

Would you put this on your tree?

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collage of images showing a tampon angel ornament

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  1. OMG I had to click when I saw the post title, haha, these are great. Needed a good laugh to get me going this morning : )


  2. That's pretty hilarious! : )
    In college a friend had a Christmas tree decorating party where each guest brought an ornament for the tree – someone did bring a tampon… but it wasn't disguised in cuteness!

  3. Oh it makes me cringe! Ha ha. I can't beleive someone even thought of that! It would take a stronger stomach than mine to put this on their tree.

  4. hahah! That is too funny! Truth be told, if you didn't say it was made from a tampon, I don't think I would have known!

  5. Oh my gosh!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that looks at anything and thinks of something to make out of it. So here's mine: I had a box of nursing pads I was done needing, I meant to give them to someone, but my son got into them and I didn't want to give somebody nursing pads that had been all over the floor…so I looked really close at them and they have a star design quilted on them. (as stars go off in my head) I glued them together two by two so the star pattern showed on the outside, making it less easy to tell what they were….and then spray painted them red and green. I wish I had a picture, but my husband is still making fun of me for that one!! lol

  6. I had to read your title twice! I agree, this might not be on my tree but it cracked me up! Thanks for a smile on a Monday morning.