Halloween Wreath DIY

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With a few items from the craft and dollar stores, you can make your own Halloween Wreath as cute, or spooky, as you’d like!

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Finished Halloween Wreath

No need to spend a fortune on great-looking Halloween decor! To re-create this festive Halloween wreath you only need 6 items and a glue gun… and you may have some of these things in your Halloween box!

The best part about this project is that you don’t have to make yours exactly like this – purple feather boas, with a black glitter skull, or even green feather boas with a cute jack-o-lantern instead of a skull, would look so darling! You can easily make your wreath match the rest of your Halloween decor!

How to Make a Halloween Wreath

DISCLAIMER – I’ve added links to similar supplies that I used, but check your local dollar and thrift stores to get the best deals. When I looked for links on Amazon, the prices of the supplies were way more than I paid! So before you leave a comment saying this wreath costs a fortune and you could buy a wreath cheaper, etc., be sure to check your local dollar store! 😉


  • 20″ wire wreath
  • 2 feather boas
  • twigs (grab from your yard, or buy cheap florals and cut off the leaves and flowers – paint if needed)
  • black tulle
  • plastic or styrofoam skull (our local dollar store had this great 6″ one)
  • plastic crow (our local dollar store had these, but HERE is a similar, yet more expensive, one)
  • glue gun
collage of pictures showing how to make a Halloween Wreath


  1. Take your boas and wrap around your wire wreath. I just tucked the ends in between the wires to secure, but you could also hot glue or tie them on.
  2. Cut strips of tulle, varying from 6″-24″, then add rips lengthwise at the ends to create a “worn” feel. Tie these strips onto the bottom of your wreath, or wherever you’d like to place your skull and crow, to act as a sort of “nest”.
  3. Attach your twigs to the wreath with hot glue, or if they’re fake (and scared of commitment like I am 😉 ), you could wrap the ends around a wire on the wreath.
  4. Place a lot of hot glue on the back of your skull, and stick it to the wreath. Make sure you lift up the wreath to see where you need to add extra hot glue to keep it from pulling down or sagging. Do the same with the crow.
  5. Optional: Cut a strip of tulle, as long as you need, and wrap it around the top of the wreath to act as a hanger.
close up of a realistic skull on a feathery halloween wreath

After hanging, step back and enjoy your super quick, but insanely festive, new Halloween wreath!

How simple (and spooky!) is that?!?

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