Pet Ghost

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Adopting a pet ghost is a fun activity to do with the kids this Halloween season.

clear containers with the words "pet ghost" attached to them

After much nagging and whining, I decided that Halloween was the perfect time to let my kids get their own pet. They each wanted a cat or a dog, but I told them I was only ok with animals that had their own cage… and I had the perfect pet in mind!

Please meet our family’s Pet Ghost’s – Charlie and Charlotte! (Do you like their homes?

clear container with a label that says "my pet ghost" on it

The kids weren’t too thrilled with this idea once I told them what it was, but we all got a good laugh… eventually!

Charlie is the same ghost my mom used to blame things on when I was a kid! Every mom knows there has got to be someone responsible for the toys all over the floor, the lights left on in rooms, and the toilets not being flushed, right? As a kid, each time we’d say, “It wasn’t me” my mom would reply, “It must’ve been Charlie the Ghost then, right?” {And I find myself saying the same thing to my kids! }

supplies needed to make a ghost - printables, canisters, tape, etc.

How To Make A Pet Ghost


  • Clear container – a Mason jar works well, but I use these $4 plastic containers from Walmart that are a little more kid-friendly.
  • adoption papers – download below
  • pen/crayons
  • scissors
  • tape


  1. Take off the label from your plastic container.
  2. Download and print the adoption papers and cut out the label that says, “My Pet Ghost.”
  3. Tape the label to the front of the container.
  4. Have your child fill out the adoption papers, giving their ghost a name and making everything “official”.
  5. … and in 15 minutes {or less} your pet ghost will have a new home!

Now when I ask the kids who left the peanut butter on the counter, I will let them know Charlie was in his cage the entire time so they can’t blame it on him.

pet ghost adoption certificates

Pet Ghost Printables

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pet ghost cage and printables laying on the counter

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  1. oh, and I am completely jealous of your fabulous clearance find. I am going to check out our local Lowes store tomorrow!!

  2. That’s awesome. It always got blamed on George when we were growing up, and not blaming each other. Another family I know had Ida (Ida-know) has their “ghost”.

  3. Oh Steph, this is both hilarious and ADORABLE! How do you do it, honestly?! Once again, great idea! <3

    I featured one of your images on my website here: