Portable Homework Caddy

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This Portable Homework Caddy is a super quick and simple project that will help organize homework time! It’s perfect for busy families who are looking to bring a little more order to their day!

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homework station

Homework Caddy

Have your kids gone back to school yet? Mine have been in school for over a month now! (What’s with the schools in Arizona starting so early???)

To help keep my sanity during the dreaded afternoon homework time, I made this fun Portable Homework Station and it has been such a lifesaver! If you don’t have a designated room for your kids to complete their assignments and you have an area of your house that serves a dual-purpose (ie. your dining room table) then this portable homework station is perfect! Now every supply they ever need to complete their homework / projects is all in the same place- organized and at their fingertips!

How to Create a Portable Homework Station


  • caddy
  • pens and regular pencils
  • markers, crayons, and colored pencils
  • stapler, ruler, pencil sharpener, and scissors
  • glue, tape


  1. Make sure you have a caddy that is large enough to hold all the supplies needed.
  2. Place all your supplies into the slots.
  3. Put in a cupboard or on a shelf that is easily accessible for kids.

And that’s it!!

This little bin travels nicely from my desk to the dining table and I haven’t heard, “I can’t find a pencil” yet while my kids are doing their homework- it has only been a month, but it has been a good month!

homework station

Hope this portable homework station helps make schoolwork a little more enjoyable!

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