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Spread some holiday cheer this Halloween with our sweet and simple You’ve Been Booed printables!

free printable Youve Been Booed sign on the counter with a pumpkin and candy corn

You’re probably no stranger to the fun Halloween activity “We’ve Been Booed”- this idea seems to gain momentum and popularity each and every year. If your neighborhood hasn’t been hit by this Phantom Ghost yet, you and your family should definitely start the tradition!

What is Halloween Boo-ing?

Also known as “Ghosting”, being Booed or Boo’d is a fun tradition that gets the whole neighborhood involved! Here’s how –

Simply put together a bag/basket of Halloween treats along with our free “You’ve Been Booed” printable, then deliver it anonymously to your neighbor.

Directions are given to the recipient to place the poem in their window so they aren’t booed again, and then they pick 2 neighbors to be their secret recipients of more Halloween goodies!

Before long, your entire neighborhood will be hit by the phantom ghost!

What to Give Your Neighbors –

You can go as simple as you’d like! Here are some favorite ideas –

You’ve Been Boo’ed Printables

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* Please remember, all of our free printables on Somewhat Simple Living are for personal use only. This doesn’t mean we don’t want you to share them with your friends or family – we’re flattered when you do that! It just means we don’t grant permission for mass-producing these printables, sharing the file, claiming the artwork as your own, or selling the product -physically or digitally. Thanks for understanding!

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We hope you guys have a fun (and safe!) Halloween! Cheers!

you've been booed printable on counter

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