Bandana Apron

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Not only is this Bandana Apron the easiest thing you will ever make, but it is also super cute and totally comes in handy!

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yellow bandana made into an apron

I wanted something a bit different than the full-body aprons I have hanging in my pantry- something I could wear while entertaining that wouldn’t cover up the outfit I chose very carefully to wear to the party. After all, what’s the point of looking cute at a party if you have an apron covering your clothes, right?

Enter “half-apron” and better yet, make it coordinate with my party outfit and suddenly it all seems perfect!

I first saw this idea from Martha Stewart. She shows a simple straight-stitch method, which is how I made the one pictured above, but if you’re looking for a no-sew version, read ’til the end!

supplies needed to make a bandana apron

How to Make a Bandana Apron


  • bandana – standard size is about 22 inches square
  • ribbon- enough to fit around your waist and tie a bow from behind. Make sure you burn the edges of your ribbon to keep them from fraying.
  • straight pins- unless you are better than me and can sew a straight line without using them.
  • scissors
white ribbon laying on top of a yellow bandana


Step 1: Measure to find the center of your ribbon and place it on the center of your bandanna. If your bandanna has any words on it, like “Made in China”, you might choose to cover those up with your ribbon. Pin your ribbon to secure, then continue pinning along the length of the bandanna in the center of your ribbon.

pinning a ribbon to a bandana

Step 2: Sew both the top and bottom of your ribbon in a straight line. If you have a cute color thread, you might want to pick a cute stitch and do this along the ribbon for added detail. My thread was white, so I just kept it straight since you won’t be able to see it anyway.

lady standing in the kitchen wearing a bandana apron

Step 3: Oh wait, you’re done! There is no step 3!!! Maybe step 3 will be “Throw a Dinner Party!” and use your new apron!

No-Sew Variation: The no-sew method involves the use of Liquid Stitch. It is less than $10 and worth every penny!!!

With the Liquid Stitch, you simply glue your ribbon to the bandana by following the directions on the package. It is AWESOME!!!

I love the idea of making these for each holiday too- bandannas come in every color, so you could make a black one with orange ribbon for Halloween, a brown one for Thanksgiving, a red and green for Christmas… seriously, do you need me to name all the holidays and their coordinating colors? Quit reading and start creating!!!

long image of a bandana apron laying on the counter

(This idea was one of the very first projects featured on Somewhat Simple in August of 2009!)

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  1. I looooove aprons. I love making them. And I love bandanas. Cute project! This would be super easy to make with Carly.
    When Carly was little we used to make skirts for her out of bandanas:
    Sew 2 together (or cut one in 1/2 and sew together for a tiny girl) add an elastic waist band (we usually used a coordinating fabric) and you have a cute little skirt!

  2. Brilliantly simple. I too like the half aprons. This is my kind of project! Thanks for the link!!
    ~Andy @ Poppies at Play

  3. I love cute and love simple,, gonna have to try this. Thanks

    Would make a cute little "happy" for Christmas

  4. Love Martha and love aprons! Yours turned out adorable…I need to make some of these! Thansk for posting – Happy Holidays!

  5. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I featured your project on my page today. Please feel free to check it out!


  6. This is such a great idea!! I’ve had a square bandana in my fabric box for months with no ideas for what it should be… this is definitely it!! Thanks for sharing this, it’s brill!
    Nikki Joy x