You’re A Lifesaver Printables

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These lifesaver printables are the perfect way to say thank you to someone deserving of appreciation! They’re simple, sweet, and so easy to make!

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A Simple Note of Thanks

A couple of summers ago, I helped the youth in our church participate in a service project for members of the Navy who were stationed at a base close to our home. Each person in our youth group wrote a heartfelt note to a sailor on that base, thanking them for all they sacrifice to protect our country and preserve our freedoms.

To make the thank you notes a little bit sweeter, we attached these cute rolls of lifesavers to each of the cards. We had a lot of fun putting them together, and I think the recipients really enjoyed them!

This cute and simple idea can be used in plenty of other ways, too!

  • They’re a great way to recognize anyone who sacrifices to serve and protect your community. Drop some off at your local fire of police station.
  • Give them to a neighbor or friend who covers you in a pinch, someone who always has your back, or is always willing to babysit the kids.
  • Make some for Veterans and drop them off at the local VA.
  • Thank a teacher or a substitute teacher – someone who does a bunch that often goes unnoticed!

A heartfelt thank you is probably the best service we can give, and that’s especially important for our children to learn.

Here’s how to make them –

You’re a Lifesaver Thank You Gift


  • free printable (download below)
  • scissors or a paper cutter
  • tape
  • lifesaver candies in a roll – any flavor


  1. Download and print the lifesaver labels.
  2. With a paper cutter or scissors, cut out eat label – there are 9 on each page.
  3. Wrap each Lifesaver roll and secure it with tape.
  4. Sit back and admire your lifesaver pile that is now oozing with cuteness. 😉

Free Lifesaver Printables

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  1. I love the summer of service idea! We all know that you’re so much happier when we’re serving! And it teaches our children great principles. Love the idea to write cards to men in the Navy!