Baby Shower Gift for Twins

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With a few basic baby necessities and a fun way to wrap it all up, you can create a sweet and simple gift for twins and will spoil the momma to be!

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My good friend had 2 boys born a year apart and said she was DONE having kids forever and ever! Each time I had another baby, I told her she was going to be next and that the longer she waited, the more likely it would be that she’d have twins to “catch up with me!” 😉 Shortly after the birth of my 4th child, she called me one afternoon with a huge announcement! Much to her surprise (and my extreme JOY!), she was, in fact, pregnant and she was pregnant with TWINS!!!

To this day, she and her husband blame me for their “happy accident”… and I am totally ok with that!

A Simple Gift for Twins

Her ultrasound revealed that she was having a boy and a girl, so I went shopping and bought some coordinating baby products in different colors- a pink bottle of baby lotion, a blue bottle of bath wash, a pink board book and a blue one, some girly onesies and some onesies for her son, etc.

I figured I could spend $5 on a gift bag and tissue paper, or I could spend the same amount on a cute basket that can be reused. I placed all the “girly” colored products in one basket and the “boyish” colored products went in the other. I attached a simple nametag to each basket and then tied them up with some ribbon.

…and that’s it!

So simple, right?

This gift for twins certainly be used for same-sex twins too! Simply put together a blue and green set of products for 2 boys or a pink and purple set for 2 girls. Browse the baby aisle of Target or Walmart and you’ll see soooo many ideas of things you can buy!

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  1. Love this so much!!!!!!! I have a baby shower to go to in the near future I will use this idea thanks for sharing. You can never have enough containers!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a great idea! I'm sending this idea to my sister as she has a neighbor that is having twins and was looking for a shower gift idea. Just have to share…I came across a new baby book called Dear Baby, What I love about you! It's about why we love babies and at the end you get to sign it so the child can see who enjoys reading to them. It's really adorable!

  3. Those are really cute – and I think giving mom something she can use again for storage instead of a gift bag is a great idea!!

  4. I love this idea, which sparked another idea for me. I think I will buy a couple containers and through out the year when I am couponing and find great deals on baby items I will buy and put in the boxes, also I get many free samples in the mail, but never ask for the baby items. Well I will be asking for them now to put in the containers and then when I need them I shouldn’t have to spend a whole lot to fill them! Thanks

  5. As an expecting mom, this brought tears of joy to my eyes. What a creative, thoughtful, useful and beautiful present 🙂 I am sure your friend loved it, as I know I would.