Halloween Hair Tutorials

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Get into the spooky spirit with these 15 Halloween Hair Tutorials for girls and boys!

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Spider Bubble Braids from Arin Solange at Home

Our elementary school doesn’t allow our kids to wear their Halloween costumes to school, but creative hairdos are certainly not off limits! In an effort to make this day fun and festive without being distracting to their studies, I set out to find some silly and spooky ways to do their hair. If you’re like me and looking for a fun way to dress up this Halloween season, here are a few of the best Halloween Hairstyles that I found online –

Halloween Hair Tutorials for Girls

two girls with their hair done for Halloween. One with a skeleton wrapped around her hair and the other with a bun and black pipe cleaners to look like spider legs

Mummy Hairstyle, from Babes in Hairland || Silly Spider Halloween Hairdo, from Simple as That

two girls with plastic bugs ans snakes in their hair

Medusa Hair, from Martha Stewart || Spider Ring Pig Tails, from Princess Piggies

two girls with halloween hairdos - 1 with cat ears made out of braids, and another with her hair tied up to look like a ghost

Braided Cat Ears, from Cute Girls Hairstyles || Ghost Ponytail, from Babes in Hairland

two girls with ribbons and pipe cleaners in their hair to look like a spider web and a pumpkin

Pipe Cleaner Spiderweb, from Babes in Hairland || Pumpkin Patch Hair from Princess Piggies

Crazy Hair Tutorials for Boys

two boys with hair sprayed green and plastic bugs secured around their face and in their hair

Creepy Crawly Hair from Martha (left) and Bee in Our Bonnet (right)

two boys with crazy hair - one that looks like a monster face, and the other that looks like a lizzard

Monster Hair, from Michelle Demmon on Pinterest || Lizard Hair, from Dare to Be Used

two boys with halloween hair - one with spider web stuck all around it, and another with googly eyes in different sizes all around his hair.

Web-covered hair, from Sweet Sugar Blossoms || Eye-covered hair, from Pinterest

Do you have a favorite Halloween Hairstyle that wasn’t shown on this list?

Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear about it!

a collage of 6 kids with different halloween hairstyles

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