Printable Goal Journal

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This simple Printable Goal Journal will help you make (and keep!) your New Year’s Resolutions! 

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Unlock Your Potential

Whether you’re striving for personal growth, chasing career milestones, or looking to cultivate new habits, having a clear roadmap can make all the difference.

This Printable Goal Journal is a game-changing tool designed to help you set, track, and achieve your goals with ease and intentionality.

Say goodbye to scattered thoughts and hello to organized success!

Journal Contents

  1. Front and Back Covers
  2. Goals Tracker Worksheet
  3. Goal Breakdown Worksheet
  4. Mini Goals Tracker Worksheet


  • Each page will print off on 8.5 x 11 paper. Using a paper cutter or scissors, cut the pages in half.
  • Staple, bind, put in a ring clip, or in a mini binder like this one.


  • Print the cover pages on card stock, then print out the other pages on regular paper as many times as you need!
  • I kept the design simple and b+w to keep the brain (and my printer) from getting overwhelmed. Which means this simple design also helps you see your COLORED PENS better! Why colored pens? Because the brain remembers colors better – especially blue (like these beauties which are my favorite). You’re welcome. 😉

Journal Printable

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  1. Hello- I was trying to get the printable goal journal. I entered my email address and it said the process was completed. I never received an email. Would you be able to send me the file?

    1. When you press “submit” on the form, a new page will open with the file. Nothing is emailed. If you have a popup blocker, sometimes this might interfere. You can try it again, or email info@somewhatsimple dot com if you run into any other issues.