Creative Journal Pages – Printable Family Keepsake

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Looking for a fun way to document life and all the details that make up your day? Grab our creative journal pages and create the perfect family keepsake!

Printable journal pages laid out on a counter

Here at Somewhat Simple, we feel that the best part of living a good life is documenting it! So, we came up with a fun set of printable journal pages that all the cool kids are LOVING.

If you’ve been looking for fun ways to make this year extra special for you and your family, we’ve got just the thing: an entire year of printable journal pages with fill-in-the-blanks and prompts that will help you document life as it happens! 

These printables are the cutest!

AND, best of all, we have 3 different sets designed for ALL ages – so whether you’re 2 or 102, you’ll LOVE them!

Printable journal pages being assembled into a notebook

Printable Journal Pages

Each pack includes everything you see here: a cover page, spine insert, gift tags, colorful monthly theme pages, and tabs!

Each pack varies just slightly for each age group – here is a sneak peek of the inside –

Child (ages 2-11) 

Printable journal pages for kids spread out on a counter

Teen (ages 12-17)

Printable journal pages for teens spread out on a counter

Adult (18 + up) 

Printable journal pages for adults spread out on a counter

Click the link below to grab the pack of your choice:

There is so much happening in the world around us – let’s capture it on paper and make the best of memories!

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