Ta-Da List Free Printable

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This inspiring ta-da list printable is a great way to help each of us realize all the good we actually do in a day! 

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A couple months ago, I attended Time Out For Women  in Phoenix, AZ. Time Out for Women is a weekend conference held in various locations all over the United States. It is super uplifting and inspiring- just what every lady needs now and then!

One of the speakers (Julie de Azevedo Hanks) suggested that instead of keeping a “To Do List” we should instead keep a “Ta-Da List” and record the things we do each day that are praise-worthy. Isn’t it more exciting to remind ourselves how much good we accomplished in a day rather than beat ourselves up over all the tasks we didn’t get to?

That’s how this idea was born! After seeing a retro magician cartoon online, I knew exactly how I wanted to design this printable, and I’m excited to share it with you!

Printable Ta-Da List

This would also make a great gift idea – this world is so full of self-doubt and criticizing, it’s about time we start focusing on the good, praise-worthy things we do, no matter how small.


  • Ta-Da List Printable (download below)
  • 8×10 Picture frame (with glass)
  • dry erase marker


  1. First, print off your very own ta-da list printable.
  2. Place into frame.
  3. Start writing down all the things you DO get accomplished throughout the day.
  4. And finally, realize how awesome you really are! 😉

Printable Download

However big or small these tasks may seem, they are important. So let’s make sure we are recognizing our accomplishments and giving ourselves something to smile about!


ta-da list

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  1. I am going to use this for my 10 year old grandbaby…”Everyone bosses me around” seems to be what makes her “saddest”, so I am going to sit with her to create a fun, custom-made journal of sorts that reminds her of all the things she has accomplished day to day, even if it is a “really hard test” at school that she “only” got a C on. And if some days, she just wants to draw a silly picture of flicking boogers, that is fine too! Thank you sooo much for this, it is exactly what she is able to start before going back to school, and can keep doing when gramma is not there. Blessings from Port Huron, Michigan.

    1. Susie, your comment made me smile- thanks for stopping by my blog and I am so glad you like this idea! Best of luck with your sweet granddaughter- sounds like she has a fantastic gramma!