DIY Fall Centerpieces

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These fun fall centerpieces are made with scrapbook paper and twigs from the yard! They’re festive, versatile and so easy to make!

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a fall centerpiece made with pennants and twigs on a table

Easy DIY Table Centerpiece

I came across this fun and simple Fall centerpiece idea while browsing through a magazine in a doctor’s office. It was an old, outdated magazine (as they usually are) so the idea they featured was a spring version that had pastel pennants in a jar of jelly beans – imagine that for a second. (So cute, right?!)

Since it isn’t even close to spring, my impatient self decided to make a fall version. (Also, I probably wouldn’t remember this idea come springtime, let’s be honest!) This idea is obviously versatile – make them for any season, and make them in any size! (How cute would a smaller version be as place cards on Thanksgiving!?)

twigs, fall colored card stock and other supplies on a table

Gather a few supplies you have laying around, and let’s get started making some cute fall centerpieces.

How To Make A Centerpiece For Fall

Pennants – First, start by making the pennants using fall colored card stock. Lightly trace out the shape of the pennants as many times as you need. Then cut out each one with a pair of scissors.

Punch & Lace – Punch out two small holes in each of the pennants and then lace your preferred color of ribbon or twine through the holes. Tie each pennant to a previously gathered twig.

Fill & Arrange – Grab a glass vase and fill it with popcorn kernels and then place each twig into the vase. Arrange them however you like and display your fall table centerpiece all season long.

a fall table centerpiece made with a vase full of popcorn kernels and pennants stuck inside.

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