Heart Paper Chain Valentine Countdown

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How to make a heart paper chain with fun countdown activities for your family to do this Valentine’s Day!

If you liked our Valentine Activity Dice and our Family Valentine Party, you’ll love this fun countdown chain! Because Valentine’s Day is all about cherishing those you love, so why not let the whole family celebrate this holiday together?!

Valentine's Day countdown chain

Who says advent calendars are only good for Christmas time? This paper heart chain is such a fun way to countdown to Valentine’s Day! Each heart has a fun activity to do as a family – make treats for a neighbor, write a love note to someone in the family etc.

We made a video using an older version of the printable – take a look and then grab our new improved version below!

Valentine's Day countdown chain with printables

Valentine’s Day Countdown – Heart Paper Chain

This is so harder than I thought to explain! I tried my best to put it into words, but watching the video is so much easier!!


  • 5 sheets of scrapbook paper
  • countdown activity printable (download below)
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • stapler
  • tape


  1. Download and print the countdown activities onto your pretty scrapbook paper.
  2. Cut the activities into strips.
  3. Fold each strip in half, making a nice crease in the center.
  4. Wrap the ends of each paper around to form a heart and staple.
  5. Stick the creased end of the next strip inside the last heart and staple to secure. Continue until all strips are put together.
  6. Cut out the label and tape it to the top of the chain. Tap or tack the chain to the wall and you’re ready for the countdown to begin!
Valentine's Day countdown chain

Ready to make your own Valentine’s Day Countdown Chain?

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Heart shaped countdown paper chain printables

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  1. Oh my gosh I love it! My son is only 5 months so I don't think we can use it as a family this year but I'm tempted to just make it for myself!

  2. That's {cute}!!! I'm going to modify the activities a little since my oldest is 3, and I want her to participate. Will let you know what I come up with 🙂

  3. This is so cute. My DC kids would love something like that. Oh the ideas you come up with. YEAH for you!!!
    Keep up the great work. I do appreciate it alot. Have a great day and God Bless!!!

  4. We've been doing countdowns to everything lately. My almost-3 year old loves it. We started with our Halloween advent calendar and right now we have Mickey ears to count down to a Disney trip next week.
    Thanks for the activity list.

  5. Very cute idea. We love doing advents for each month! There is always something fun to be able to count down for!

  6. What a great idea!! My daughter is 2 this year so I am thinking she might enjoy the holiday a little more. I might have to get this together!

  7. What a fab idea and seems easy and cheap. I have to try with my grandkids for fun.

    TY for sharing…

  8. Sweet idea but the heck with the kids. What a great idea for my husband.

    Day 1 – Honey will you please do the dishes tonight

    Day 2 let's snuggle in front of a warm fire…

  9. Such a fun idea – we have an advent calendar for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – why not Valentines Day?

  10. Darling idea! I've got to get on the ball in time to make one. My boys would love it! I'm glad you included the activity ideas so I don't have to think of them myself. 😉

  11. This was the funnest idea ever!! Thank you so much. I just got done making this and the kids and I had so much fun doing it… and now I sit admiring it. 😉 I posted it on my blog.