Train Games – Train Station Family Fun!

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5 simple train games that will help create some sweet family memories! Grab some soda’s on your way to the station and get ready for some good, clean fun!

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Family Train Station Activity

We live about 3 minutes from a small train station where over 50 trains pass through each and every day. Since moving here in 2005, my husband has enjoyed taking our kids to the station to watch the trains as they pass through our small town.

For the younger kids, the big, fast trains are fascinating and very entertaining- they sip their drinks and get so excited when they hear a train coming in the distance. But even our older kids enjoy this time together because my husband has come up with some silly games and activities for them to play.

green, yellow and red train on the tracks

Train Games

Because we live so close to the station, we go all the time. In fact, my kids probably ask their dad to take them to the train station nearly every Saturday. They will grab some drinks, play games, and watch trains for an hour, then come home. Such a simple activity, but they love it!

Here are 5 of their favorite things to do while passing the time waiting for a train to come:

  1. Pack a Picnic. Take some snacks or pack a lunch. Sometimes the simplest of meals are the most fun to eat if the company is good!
  2. Toss A Rock. Everyone picks up a small rock or stone and stands in a line. One by one, they take turns tossing their rock to the edge of the sidewalk. The person who gets their rock the closest to the edge without going over wins!
  3. Guess the Direction. Make a wager on which direction the next train will be coming from. The person (or people) who guess correctly win!
  4. Rock Race. Balance a rock on your head and then race to the finish line! The first person to cross the finish line wins!
  5. Count the Cars. Before the train comes, take a guess on how many cars the train will have. The person who guesses closest to the actual number wins!
red and yellow train on the track

My husband will usually have a small prize for the winner, or he’ll offer to pay the winner of each game $1 or something simple. My kids love it!

We recorded a short video that my husband recorded on his phone that my 2 youngest kids watch over and over all.the.time. If you have any train-loving kids, they might enjoy watching it too!

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”kwovIi9f” upload-date=”2016-10-31T17:55:18.000Z” name=”Let’s Watch Trains” description=”This simple family train station activity is a great way to create some sweet family memories!” player-type=”default” override-embed=”default”]

We hope your family enjoys making some train memories of their own!

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